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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Theme Beckett

  • Right Click here and choose "Save Target As..." to Download the code: beckett.rtf

  • Open up the file with a text editor like WordPad or similar

  • Delete your current template, Copy (Ctrl+C) the code and paste (Ctrl+V) it to your blogger template panel.
    (Note: Before you start you should back up your current template just in case there are any problems when you are implementing it)

  • Save the Template and Republish!

OK, you are Done !

nice template, I like it

great theme...thanks bud. But i notice it removes the Blogger Bar(uptop). Which bit of the template code would i need to cut in order to add the bar back?...Cheers

after "<head> and </head>" you'll find:

<div class="hide"><![CDATA[<body>]]></div>

OR just add "<!--" and "-->", it will be like this: <!--<div class="hide"><![CDATA[<body>]]></div>-->

hope this help

Bingo!...thanks buddy worked like a charm :D

Hey i can't use that template it say me this: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup

What can i do for use the template i'm confused

Can answer here or if you add me to Msn at Demon_vb@latinmail.com

it works, just follow the instruction, copy all file and paste it to blogger template editor

I love this template, and have been able to customize some things on it, but I would like to add a picture to the header background. Any help/direction would be great.


I really like this template and use it since a few years. Since the server it is stored on has changed I have some problems.

When I click on the comments or permalink, the sidebar is shown below the text, but twice!

Any idea?


and the links of the navigation to the previous/next article do not work anymore!

Please help!

Theme of Vagabundia

That's really a nice theme as well as useful ,it's just good to came across the post.

can't save how to..??

plz email me

nice template.. really like it... thanks bud... but, maybe it needs some more modifications... hehe...

Himalkom IPB

this template is very cutee..i love it
vida saludable

That's really nice theme. I've been looking for something similar. Thanks!

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I can not download it, is there another way?

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